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lacquered finish
List price: 6.052,00 €* 5.990,00 €*
in stock
2 Stk.
incl. ABS-Case accessories
1.480,00 €*
in stock
3 Stk.
4 rotary valves, incl. case and mouthpiece
List price: 4.101,00 €* 3.890,00 €*
Delivery time 10 - 14 Tage
with Gig Bag
3.704,00 €*
Delivery time 7-10 Tage
lacquered finish
List price: 6.075,00 €* 5.444,00 €*
Delivery time 4-6 Wochen
without Case
List price: 6.160,00 €* 5.555,00 €*
Delivery time 2- 3 Wochen
lacquered finish, incl. Case
List price: 610,00 €* 569,00 €*
Delivery time 8-12 Wochen
lacquered finish, incl. Case
List price: 644,00 €* 589,00 €*
Delivery time 8-12 Wochen
* Prices inclusive VAT and additional possiblepostage.
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